Nutritional Support for Cancer Treatment

Nutritional counselling for cancer treatment is the primary treatment for malnourished patients suffering from cancer or who are cured of cancer. People who lack in taking sufficient intake of proteins and calories in their diets to maintain a normal body weight need counselling for nutritional intake to combat cancer. For instance, patients taking CRT to fight neck and head cancer need nutritional counselling to reduce the severe effects of CRT. Certified Nutritionist provides effective nutritional support for cancer treatment to enhance the living standard of cancer patients. The main aim of dietary modifications and nutritional support is to assist people to recover quickly from cancer. This can be done by properly intaking calories and proteins for quick recovery. For this, we prescribe home artificial nutrition to our patients and also monitor health status on the basis of life expectancy, cancer implications, and awareness of the patients. With this awareness, we improve the quality of life of our patients.