The importance of following a specific and healthy diet when having cancer

Cancer is one of the main health problems of modern societies. Its incidence is progressively increasing, not only due to the fact that people have an increasingly longer life expectancy, but also because it is favored by a series of harmful habits that we have incorporated into our lives.

Cancer triggers are mainly external, a very diverse group of elements capable of producing mutations in the DNA of our cells. We can do little to change the fact that the longer we live, the more likely we are to experience these mutations.

But we can act at other levels in trying to minimize exposure to known risk factors. One of the most effective strategies to control or cure cancer is through a nutritional plan using specific foods.

My method to cure cancer

My method consists of eating the seeds of certain fruits, and that, in a specific and personalized amounts, along with making some changes in your eating habits, for a period of only 14 days.

This method has been proven to really work to the point that if you agree to let me take action and give you some dietary advice, I promise you that in less than a couple of weeks, you will begin to see a great improvement in your health and there is even the possibility that you end up completely eradicating the disease, and that, without having to go to surgery or your chemotherapy sessions.

Now, if you want to combine my eating plan with the traditional methods recommended by your doctor, such as chemotherapy, I don’t see any problem with that. 

You have to act immediately

Remember that having cancer is a condition that can be quite devastating, both physically and morally, and every minute that we let go by, without acting immediately and effectively, can have dire repercussions on one’s health.

It is for this reason that when a client contacts me asking for help, I always emphasize the fact that my dietary advice is followed immediately to prevent cancer cells from continuing to proliferate. Not only do those cancer cells have to be stopped from proliferating, those that are already in your body must also be destroyed as soon as possible. 

My goal as a nutritionist

My goal is to be able to reach the largest number of people through up-to-date information and correct tools to eradicate or at least reduce the spread of cancer in a healthy and timely manner.

For people who have already had cancer and are now into remission, I also have an effective eating plan to prevent those cancer cells from coming back and taking over their bodies again. 



Do not hesitate to contact me and please provide information about your diagnosis, its date and the treatment received so far.

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