Why dealing with a Cancer Care Dietitian?

In some cases, cancer patients go to their Certified Cancer Care Dietitian in US (or abroad) when they are taking their conventional treatment such as chemotherapy, in order to know what kind of dietary plans can be considered in order to lower the side effects of chemotherapy as much as possible.

Some special nutritional plans can make a huge difference for cancer patients who are taking chemotherapy sessions. Some dietary plans, can even allow them to detoxify their bodies from all the chemicals that are
being put into their bodies and destroying normal and healthy cells.

While some cancer patients prefer to combine my dietary plans only while taking their chemotherapy sessions, others prefer to continue with the natural treatment on a long term basis.  Those who decide to continue with my nutritional plans after finishing taking their conventional treatment, do so because they have fears of cancer recurrence. They want to maintain their bodies in perfect conditions and they also want continue detoxifying their bodies.


What is detoxifying

Cleanses and detoxes are quite trendy and popular not only amongst the cancer community but also for the population in general. Everybody nowadays seems to be eager to clear out nasty toxins from their bodies so that they can remain as healthy as possible.

It is a tall promise, especially since they cannot usually point to any specific toxins that they are trying to get rid of. Over the last few years, the meaning of detoxification is seen by the society in general as a
protocol meant to get rid of certain toxins in order to make a reset into someone health.

As you may already know, the detoxification process is a crucial factor for those who are looking to maintain good health.  It is important that cancer patients clean out their bodies of chemicals, pollutants, and other toxic elements.  Otherwise, those elements can negatively impact their health.

Even though healthy bodies are able to do this on their own through the liver, kidney and digestive system, it is needless to say that some special foods also help humans detoxify their bodies.

Detox is just the beginning of cancer treatment and post cancer treatment. Based on the results of your clinical assessment, a special and natural treatment plan will be designed that addresses your specific dietary needs.

The treatment plan that I will propose to you will reflect your goals and steps that you wish to take to achieve your objectives. Your plan may change over time depending on how your treatment progresses.