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My name is Tomas Linares, I have been a nutritionist since 2012, graduated in Health Sciences from Northern Arizona University. My great passion is to share my knowledge in the area of nutritional education, and that, towards people who have cancer.

Over the past few years, I have helped dozens of people affected by this terrible condition called cancer, to improve their health and even, for many of them, to completely eradicate the disease.

Advantages of Natural Treatments For Cancer

In nature, you can find a variety of foods that are used to treat many ailments. However, with the advances that we have recently seen in the area of science, many of us have put aside those comestibles that have always been within our reach to attack many diseases.

Many of us have even totally ignored those natural aliments and foods, which, in the past, were used by our heirs to treat their ailments at home.

Nutrition Therapy for Cancer Patients After Chemotherapy

I must clarify that I personally believe, in part, in conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy, to treat those who suffer from cancer. However, it has been proven repeatedly that this particular method, to eradicate cancer cells, can be harmful to the health of many individuals.

Hence, the importance for those affected, to investigate in order to find an alternative and viable method to attack the disease, before or while starting chemotherapy sessions.

One of the alternatives that exist, today, is through the method that I have been using with my patients, to slow down or eradicate cancer.


My method against cancer

My method has been proven to really work to the point that if you agree to let me take action and give you some dietary advice, you will not regret it. I promise you  that in less than a couple of weeks, you will begin to see an improvement in your health. There is even a possibility that you end up completely eradicating the disease. And all that, without having to go to surgery or to your chemotherapy sessions.

If you are the type of person that would prefer to combine the eating plan that I will recommend you, along with the traditional methods recommended by your doctor, such as chemotherapy, I don’t see any problem in going with that approach.

You must act immediately

Remember that having cancer is a condition that can be quite devastating, both physically and morally. Every minute that we let go by, without acting immediately and effectively, can have dire repercussions on our health.

It is for this reason that when a client contacts me asking for help, I always emphasize the fact that my certified cancer nutritional treatment must be followed immediately to prevent cancer cells from continuing to proliferate. Those cancer cells must be destroyed as soon as possible. 

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My method against cancer

My method consists, in part, of including in your diet some specific foods such as eating the seeds of certain fruits. Those fruit seeds will have to be consumed in a specific and personalized amount.

In addition,  you will have to make some major changes in your eating habits, for a period of not more than 14 days. You will start seeing an improvement in your health few days after starting my treatment.

I am pleased to see an improvement in my patients health

For me, being able to help people with cancer to improve their state of health, and in several cases, even to be cured, is something that brings me an extraordinary amount of satisfaction, both emotionally and professionally. When I see in my clients, an improvement in their health condition, to the point that they don’t even have to take their first chemotherapy session or cancel their surgery schedule, there is nothing that can make me happier.

How can I help you

If you are interested in having me intervening as your personal dietitian so that you can slow down or eradicate the cancer that you suffer from, obviously I will first have to make an evaluation of your current state of health in order to come up with the food plan that best suits your needs.

Please provide information about your diagnosis, its date and the treatment received so far by filling out the form in the Contact section.

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Do not hesitate to contact me and please provide information about your diagnosis, its date and the treatment received so far.

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